Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My first exposure to the Big-G

This book:
I must have signed this book out from library 100 times. My first Godzilla movie was Godzilla 1985 which I probably saw a few year after I read this book. It was full of pics and factoids (probably mostly incorrect) I remember reading about the King Kong vs. Godzilla double ending myth which I believed for years. Not sure how much I'd enjoy it now, but I'd love a copy just for sentimental value. It's my first memory of a character and series that has become an obsession. There was a whole series of monster movie books in the same orange cover, I loved them all but I loved Godzilla the most. Any one else remember these?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Inaugural Post

*Waits for fanfare to end*

This blog will be about comic books, Godzilla movies, science, and any other nerdy geeky stuff that crosses my mind. That is all, for now. I'll do a proper introduction in my next post and do some tweaking to the appearance. Check back in a few days.